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Duc Phuong Famous Tea

To have a healthy life without any deseases is the wishes of everybody. Because when we are healthy, we wish 100 things, when we are ill, we just wish one thing that is Health. That is the reason why Tra Cung Dinh Duc Phuong will be the bodyguard, always by your side to protect your body and help you have enough energy to face with every trouble in work and life. This Tea consists of 16 medinical herbs with the natural orgigin, so it is very good for your health.

In the modern world, “protid, glucose, lipid” become not very important. People pay attendtion to some food like vitamin which have the natural origin. That is the medicine that nature offer for human being. Because it has many natural elements, that is the reason why it can bring us a strong, healthy body and a nice, perfect beauty. We should not eat food which have chemical elements, let return to nature by daily using Hue Royal Tea. “Duc Phuong – the product has been registed for its quality at Ministry of Health.
With the simple making, only after 5 minutes you will have a Nhat Da De Vuong tea pot with the quality of a bowl of  Eastern medicine that you have to cook in 7 hours.
Let’s enjoy Duc Phuong Royal Tea to feel the Huong Sac Vi Than and receive a valuable gift from the Nature although you have to use money to buy it .
For the good of your health, let’s drink Duc Phuong Royal Tea - an unique product of Hue and Vietnam.

The unique producing place:
Address: No 20, lane 143 Phan Boi Chau street, Hue city – Tel: 0543. 884.668
Introducing and Selling product Center:
Address: No 24 Nguyen Hue street, Hue city- Tel: 0543.94.94.94  and 

- Selling method: deliver goods via post office service, get products and pay money at home, just get money when customers receive the products

- Payment account: account number 4000205194515 at Bank of Agriculture and Rural Development - Branch Hue

 Duc Phuong Famous Tea  





Introducing and Selling product Center
Address: 24 Nguyen Hue street, Hue city
Tel: 0543.94.94.94 - 0543.95.95.95